Assisted Living

• Surface is slip resistant.
• Rest platforms are provided where the ramp exceeds 9 mtrs in length.
• Level platform 1.2 mtr X 1.2 mtr are provided at the head of ramp in front of the entrance door.
• External level platform is to be level with the inside of the house.
• Recommended gradient not steeper than 1:20.
• Minimum width of ramp 1.2 mtr.
• Kerb provided on any exposed side of ramp/platform. Kerb should be a minimum of 75mm high.
• Handrail, approximately 900mm-750mm high, should be provided on exposed and or both sides of ramp.

Contact Us

If you are interested in adapting your home, click here to fill out an enquiry and schedule a meeting with our staff.
We can also be contacted at 042-9332831 and would be happy to meet with you.

Grants are available to carry out this work. check out: http://www.louthcoco.ie/en/Services/Housing/Grants


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