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MS Construction offers a fully comprehensive service from the initial planning, consultation of your project to completion, the expertise to build you dream extension. Need more space!. Our Company specialize in maximizing the space you have in designing the best possible building to compliment your home or business premises. MS Construction provide the total package for your home extension, all plumbing, electrics and design are all included. MS Construction prides itself on attention to detail, our reputation is our most important asset, testament of two generations, over 60 years of combined experience and of satisfied customers referring our Company to their friends and relatives.


Room for extension is most readily available at the back of your property, a more spacious kitchen, an open plan kitchen come dining room are often the most desirable. An extension can range in size from a new en suite bathroom, to a full two storey addition to your house. Whatever the limitation of the outside area of your property, MS Construction will help you maximize what is available to your specifications. 


Focusing on either a specific room in the home, remodeling often involves changing the layout of your kitchen or bathroom, probably knocking out walls to create an open plan living and dining space or maybe installing patio doors or a deck.
You can improve the appearance of your home by installing new interior doors, architraves, skirtings, hardwood floors and replacing your staircase. All jobs are carried out to the complete finish. Save yourself the extra cost of moving to a new house if you have the space to extend and modernise your existing home.


Renovating generally focus on older properties. Most renovation jobs will necessitate rewiring, re-plumbing and re-plastering the property to upgrade an older house or business premise to a modern home or office space.We also install hardwood floors in many of our renovation projects. Other upgrades can include underfloor heating, insulation of exterior walls, energy-efficient boiler, and skylights. Click here for more energy efficiency information.

Attic Conversions

The average attic conversion can add extra space in most home, so if you can't add out, add up.
MS Construction can advise you on how best to achieve the maximum out of the space you already have available and offer the following services to enable you to convert it:

Garage Conversions

Most people use their garage for storage, that storage and living space can both be achieved. MS Construction can help you convert that unused garage space into a home office or living area. Depending on the layout of your house, a connecting door can be made to the main house also a space can be left aside for you. • Front brickwork or plastering can be matched to existing front. • Windows installed.

If you are considering an extension of structural alterations, building foundations in your home home or business premises., click here to fill out an enquiry and schedule a meeting with our staff.

We will discuss your requirements in details and then advise you on any technical planning or building regulations.
We can also be contacted at 042-9332831 and would be happy to meet with you.


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