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Under Floor Heating

Making decisions about your heating system can be a confusing time. You need to know your options, what heat source to use and whether to opt for a combination of oil or gas boiler with a solar panel system, geothermal or air to water heat pump

To best select your most suitable system , an analysis of your plans is critical. House size and hot water demand all depend on the selection of an efficient system. We can analyse your plans and design accordingly for your individual heating needs

Good design is essential to the efficiency of any system.
It is crucial that all components of the system are seamlessly integrated.

If you are interested in underfloor heating in your home, click here to fill out an enquiry and schedule a meeting with our staff.
We can also be contacted at 042-9332831 and would be happy to meet with you.


MS Construction's Under Floor Heating creates ideal comfortable conditions, providing an even warmth that is free from draughts and dust movements as well as giving you space-saving interior design freedom.
Not only does Under Floor Heating provide a superior heat, it is also an efficient heating system that saves you both energy and money.




Under Floor Heating works by pumping a controlled flow of warm water from any heat source through tubing embedded in the floor. Because the emitting area is large, sufficient warmth is provided across the whole floor surface to heat the room effectively.
With low water temperatures required, Under Floor Heating is the perfect partner for both condensing boilers and heat pumps, providing the highest levels of energy efficiency and lowest possible annual running costs.


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