Preferable size -2500mm X 2000mm.

Shower room options:

• Level Access shower floor
• Slip resistant flooring with a value of R11 or >50 in wet conditions.
• Tiled wet floor.
• Sunken shower tray with grill to provide level access and access for an assistant for assisted showering.
• Level access shower tray with half height doors to provide a water seal and access to an assistant for assisted showering.
• Shower curtain and/or half height shower screen can be used and or shower curtain can hang inside the doors.
• Shower chair as recommended by Occupational Therapist.
• Horizontal & vertical grab rails position appropriatly
• Thermostatic control shower to prevent scalding
• Adjustable/removable telephone type showerhead positioned 750mm from corner.
• Lever control preferable - 900mm - 2200mm above the floor.

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Tiolets & Sinks

• Toilet should be positioned either opposite or at a diagonal to the door.
• Close couple toilet pan preferably 450/460mm high.
• Centre line of pan should be 450mm/500mm from sidewall.
• Minimum of 750mm clear space from wall to front of pan.
• Grab rail on adjacent wall 700mm above floor level hung at 30-degree angle.
• If using a hinged pull down grab rail on non-walled side position 400mm from centre of toilet pan & 700mm above floor level.
• Wall bracketed or half pedestal.
• Knee space 700mm from floor.
• Overall height 750mm - 800mm.
• Width 500mm.
• Project 430mm - 450mm from wall.
• Lever taps.
• Mirror from 900mm above the floor.

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