Single bedroom

Preferable size for 3660mm X 3350mm.
• Minimum 3600mm X 2450mm.

Double bedroom

• Preferable size for 3660mmX4270mm.
• Minimum 3120mm X 4190mm.

Bedside space for:

• Lateral transfer from wheelchair 1000mm preferred, 800mm minimum.
• Frontal transfer from wheelchair 1200mm minimum.
• Space saving storage facilities where possible to maximise turning space in bedroom.

• A turning space of 1500mm diameter minimum, 1800mm preferred.
• Adequate power points - four double points - two adjacent to bed area. Placed at 1100mm - 710mm.
• Light switches should be large rocker and placed at 1100mm -710mm.
• Floor covering that is slip resistant and allows ease of movement

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